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Hi, we’re Katya and Ihsan!

We’re a Budapest husband and wife photographer & videographer team specializing in wedding photography and videography, engagements, proposals, Budapest travelers, and portrait photos or creating instagram content videos.

We live in the central Budapest and travel as much as we can. Our main destination for travels is Antalya and Keszthely where our parents are. 

The two of us met through photography. Having the same interest brought us closer and we’ve been married since September 5 2019 in a beautiful sunset on the southern seaside on sea cliffs in Antalya. We loved every moment that we spent with our families and close friends. Also we had such a great cake, the taste is still in our mind! 

When we’re not taking or editing pictures, we like to spend time outside, travel to our families, going to cafes, parks and meet our friends. We are so lucky to have 3 beautiful homes in Budapest, Antalya and Keszthely. Katya reads a lot about self development and Ihsan is interested in history and technology. 

Katya is a trained artist; she went to art university in Kyiv and Ihsan is a self-taught photographer over last years and we both have great experience with over 200 bookings a year. 

We speak many languages. Katya speaks Russian and Ukrainian as native languages, she is also fluent in English. Ihsan speaks Turkish as native language, also he speaks English and Hungarian as learned languages. We are also learning each other's languages as much as we can in our busy schedule. 

Getting our photography business off the ground was a huge commitment, both in terms of time and energy. We have spent many days and nights to build a portfolio and client network. But it’s been incredibly worth it. We love working with our clients and sharing in their experiences. Our work is our passion! It’s fun, rewarding, and humbling to be responsible for capturing so many amazing moments in our clients’ lives.


Like to know us better? Simply send us an email! We’d love to hear from you.

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